How does YouTube Automation Work

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How does YouTube Automation Work

How does YouTube Automation Work

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How does YouTube Automation Work?

Every day, millions of people seek new strategies for generating passive income. A type of income you regularly earn without much involvement. And one of the trending topics when talking about passive income is how does YouTube Automation work.

As you might have guessed, Youtube automation means creating a YouTube channel that runs on auto-pilot without you having to record videos is the dream of many creators. While it may seem far-fetched, there is a way to do it.

Key Takeaways: Youtube Automation allows you to schedule and automate repetitive tasks like playlist creation, videos optimization, and comments management.

For all the interested ones out there, I am going to present here everything you need to know about YouTube Automation in this article.

How does YouTube Automation Work?

Generally, many YouTubers pay creative people to script, edit, and publish YouTube videos on their channels. Then they sit back and collect the income from that channel as the videos earn money every month.

Many YouTube creators hire freelancers to help produce content. I’m a full-time YouTube creator who pays editors to help me most months. There is nothing unusual about hiring professionals to help produce content on YouTube.

But YouTube automation takes it a step further. You hire freelancers to create every part of your video.

What is YouTube Automation?

What is YouTube Automation

YouTube Automation uses software and freelancers to outsource the creation and uploading of your YouTube channel’s content. It includes creating thumbnails, video scripts, voiceovers, editing, uploading, and optimizing the content.

Simply put, YouTube Automation is the process of having a channel you don’t personally make videos on. You just put up the videos and then let someone else make them. If you do this, it’s a great way to start a no-face channel because all the content you use will be outsourced by somebody else.

How YouTube Automation Works?

YouTube Automation is an umbrella term that means different things to different people. The term is ambiguous, depending on the context.

Broadly, 3 things fall under this umbrella:

1.    Outsourcing the production of YouTube Videos

Generally, this involves paying an agency or freelancer to take over video production for you. You are responsible for uploading, managing the channel, and marketing it – though some agencies will help with this too. The key idea here is that you are the channel owner but give the hard work to someone else.

A more accurate term for this would be “YouTube outsourcing.” However, these service providers often use automated tools and paid audiences to boost engagement, which leads to their service’s outsourcing and automation components needing to be more consistent.

2.    Automating YouTube engagement

Using bots, or fake audiences of real people, to create a false impression of a channel or video’s popularity. Some might also include data-scraping in this category, but the intent differs.

Does YouTube allow this? In a word, ‘no.’ Activities like:

  • Fake engagement
  • Fake likes/dislikes
  • Generally, using bots to perform activities humans are not doing

It will always violate TOS and YouTube, and YouTube will take steps to remove them. YouTube’s algorithms can retrospectively remove engagement generated by bots, even if it seems successful at first.

3.    Automating YouTube channel management

How does YouTube Automation work, and what are the functions of a channel? It could include:

  • Scraping data
  • Automating admin – data reports and content uploads

Technically, ‘no,’ but practically ‘yes.’ Their TOS stipulates you need to write for explicit permission to automate. It isn’t practically possible, as Google famously has near-zero customer support.

Empirically, we’ve observed that YouTube and other platform businesses do not block Automation, which helps with administrative work for content creators.

Pro Tip: Automating youtube channel can help with various tasks but it’s essential to pay attention to Youtube’s TOS.

By giving read to our separate guide on the topic What is Personal Automation, you will understand more about personal automation and it’s benefits in today’s world.

What is YouTube Automation Method?

YouTube Automation is a method that helps creators running cash cow YouTube channels automate the process of creating videos.

What is YouTube Automation Method

A cash cow YouTube channel is a channel where you make videos and never show your face. Let me explain it. You can automate the process of making videos on YouTube. It means that you can do only some work.

When you create a YouTube video, there are five main things you, as a creator, must go through.

1.    Video Idea

The first step in creating a video is always coming up with an idea for the video. Research is a time-consuming process. However, when you know what your YouTube channel is about, it’s easy to hire someone to come up with dozens of video ideas for your channel.

2.    Script Writing

The next step is to write a script for a video. For an 8-minute video, the recommended video length right now, you will need a script with at least 1000 words.

3.    Voice-Over

In the next step, you need to hire someone to do a voiceover. It is the most complex and most expensive step. You need to find a person for a long-term collaboration.

You don’t want to have a YouTube channel with 30 videos, each with a commentary with a different voice.

4.    Video Editing

Video editing is the next step in creating the video, and You can outsource this.

5.    Thumbnail Design

The last step is the least expensive. For a few dollars, you hire a graphic designer to create a YouTube thumbnail for your video.

How to Start Youtube Automation?

How to Start Youtube Automation

Still interested in using this model to create income from YouTube? Let’s look at how to put YouTube automation into practice.

Here are the steps to creating a cash cow-style channel with YouTube Automation:

  • Choose a niche for your videos.
  • Pick one of the higher-paying or higher-view niches.
  • Find freelancers onsite like Fiverr or Online Jobs PH for the following steps.
  • Hire someone to create video ideas or do keyword research
  • Pick someone to write a script for your video
  • Hire someone to record the voiceover or on-camera speaking
  • Choose an editor to put together free or paid video clips and effects
  • Hire a freelancer to upload and optimize your video
  • Bonus: hire someone to promote your videos off YouTube too

Can you get YouTube likes and subscribers through automation?

You may have heard of Youtube like bot GitHub or YouTube subscribe hack through automation. Well, some of that really exists. You can use the Youtube automation tools from scrapewithbots to get like and subscribers, as you want. Watch the video for more information and contact us if you plan to get it.

Is YouTube Automation Worth it?

Yes, YouTube automation is worth it. It can save you a lot of time and help you to grow your channel more quickly. However, it would be best if you made sure that how does YouTube Automation work, that you find the right tools to use, and that you’re using them correctly.

FAQS: How does YouTube Automation Work?

You can automate your YouTube channel by planning a video content creation plan. You choose topics in your niche and hire freelancers to create the videos.

Final Thoughts

With just a little research about how YouTube automation works and a sound plan, you can soon start seeing great results from your automated YouTube channel. Make sure that you follow the plan that you made while starting the YouTube channel and give it the proper time to grow through automation.

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