Google Adwords Mobile Clicker

This bot clicks on your competitors google ads using real mobile.

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Google Adwords mobile clicker bot clicks on google ads using a real mobile device. So the question is why we had to use a real mobile device?

Well, tbh Google can trace the desktop click bots most of the times because desktop bots use public VPNS/Proxies. Google is well aware of Proxies/VPNS so they might not consider the click as valid (no matter how many clicks you are sending) But Google has no idea about real 4G IP addresses. So our Mobile Clicker uses that method to trick google into believing every click as valid.

Some features of the Google Adwords Mobile Clicker:

1) Hundreds of our old clients who were using our other Google click bot wanted us to make a bot that will use a mobile device to send clicks.

2) 98% of REAL CLICK rate, unlike other click bots.

3) There are no real mobile clicker bots available in the market yet.

4) No 3rd party services (VPN, proxies, captcha solving)are required.

5) This bot uses your mobile internet. It can change IP addresses using your mobiles Airplane Mode. (Try switching ON and OFF your Airplane mode and you will get a new IP address every time) 😉

6) The mobile IP’s are very very good as compared to proxies or VPN’s. Google has a Reputation Score against every IP address and the reputation score of regular proxies, VPN’s are very low while the score is good for mobile IP address. This means that Google will consider the click made using your mobile’s IP address.

Software Modes:

  1. Target One Website
  2. Target Multiple Websites
  3. First Competitor

How to setup?

Once you have purchased the bot, we will email you. You will need to add us on our Whatsapp/Skype so we can connect you with our support agent who will do the installation remotely on your mobile/computer (via Teamviewer, anydesk etc). The installation can take up to 2 hours so we will appreciate your patience.

Once the software has been configured properly on your system, you can start sending clicks to your competitors 24/7. There is no limit to send clicks. Google will charge your competitor every-time a click is made. This software’s valid click rate is over 98%. There is no such software available in the market, so your money will be worth it.

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  • Please note that we do not guarantee that the bot clicks will be counted by Google as it is mainly depend on the quality of your proxies and target website settings and limitations.
  • As this software requires constant updates and remote installation so we have decided to keep it on monthly basis. So it will cost you 197$/month. You will get 24/7 support if something doesn’t work at your side.
  • We want you to connect with us on skype/WhatsApp chat so we can assign you support agents who will assist you 24/7 with your all click campaigns. They can also help you install software’s via TeamViewer. If you need something changed in the software, just let our agents know so they can help you asap without any extra development cost involved.
  • Here is our WhatsApp: +447563294940
  • Skype: scrapewithbots
  • We just launched this product and running on discount, feel free to purchase it now to avail of the discount.

Software Last Updated:
30th May , 2022

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