Hamilton – Forex Expert Advisor

Hamilton is an expert adviser which trades on Martingale Strategy.



Hamilton – Forex Expert Advisor trades on Martingale Strategy. This works best on the following currency pairs:


As a conservative trader, please trade only with conservative settings (0.01 lots), however, if you want to gain more profits, you can increase the settings but that will definitely come with more risk. The more you try to avoid a long term trend, the more you will make. Hamilton Expert Advisor works on the swing market, so the more swings in the market, the more money it makes.

How to use the Hamilton Expert Advisor?

So first you will need to purchase the Hamilton Expert Advisor from us. Once you have done that, we will send you a .ex4 file which you can import in your mt4 terminal. Please click here to see how to use this Expert Advisor.

We have shown all of the things including the testing. You can see the EA making trades and making money in real-time. We have extracted all licensing out of it so you don’t have to pay any monthly fees. You can do the trading with full ease.

Disclaimer: Past Results Doesn’t Guarantee Future Results.

Happy Trading 🙂

Original website:  https://silverstarlivesoftware.com/

Original Price:  $347.00 upfront, then $145.00 a month thereafter = $1,939.00 per year to rent.

Your price:  $147.00  One time purchase

Content:  Expert:  hamilton_fix (Unlocked build 1170), Manuel

You can use on as many MT4 accounts as you like.

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