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Instagram Email Scraper

This bot scrapes email from the Instagram Android app.

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Instagram Email Scraper has the capability to do scrape hundreds of thousands of Email addresses from the user’s accounts. You can scrape using 1 account only. Instagram can’t detect it because this scraper uses the Instagram Android Application.

How to use the software?

This scraper goes on the Instagram android app, and then it starts navigating to your list of users. It will go on to the user’s profile and then it will try to see if there is any EMAIL or CONTACT button on the user’s profile. If the contact or email button is present, it will click on it and then extract the email address. You can see the functionality in the video demonstration.

How fast this scraper can do the email extraction?

As this scraper uses the Android App of Instagram so it’s a bit slow process. It can take up to 10-15 seconds to scan 1 profile.

Can Instagram ban your account?

There is absolutely no way for Instagram to detect it as it uses Android Application. You can use your real Instagram account in it and it will work fine. It can run 24/7 and scrape thousands of real email addresses.

Some features of the Instagram Email Scraper:

  1. ability to scrape 100k+ private emails
  2. impossible for Instagram to detect as it uses the android app
  3. highly efficient for good lead generation
  4. many more…

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