What is Clickcease Alternative – Expert’s Guide

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Clickcease Alternative

What is Clickcease Alternative – Expert’s Guide

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What isClickcease Alternative

You hope most individuals who see your advertising when you use Google Ads or other PPC campaigns are interested in your brand. What if some of the traffic to your advertising isn’t even human traffic?

Or what if some of the visitors to your ads are purposefully clicking them to steal your advertising budget? It is called IVT or InValid traffic.

If clickcease does not behave perfectly, what can be the ClickCease alternative? You want to direct visitors to increase conversions, value, and quality for the same or lower investment. This method is known as ROI or ROAS maximization, and Google AdWords Bot is all about it.

Clickcease Alternative

The best Clickcease alternative is Google AdWords Bot to counter your opposition and relieve yourself of a load of artificial traffic. This autonomous real-time response takes care of quick-moving click fraud or counter threats. AI is the one that responds for you. Google AdWords Protect recognizes complex click fake and counter threats.

PPC Protect Pricing

First of all, what is PPC Protect? It is a cloud-based software program for guarding against fraudulent advertising on paid media and online advertising campaigns.

PPC Protect Pricing

Google AdWords Bot offers trial and monthly subscription services, with monthly prices starting at $97 also different price values for different variants. The trial version, which amounts to $50/week, enables you to test the service before choosing to subscribe for a monthly fee.

The two categories are Google AdWords Desktop Bot and Google AdWords Mobile Clicker. The latter product’s monthly subscription fee is $197.

How to Counter attack on Fake Traffic Sources?

When anything (or someone) clicks on an advertisement, PPC charges. Therefore, pay-per-click ad fraud entails taking advantage of this mechanism to make false charges.

When hundreds of fraudulent clicks exist, an advertiser’s budget can disappear quickly without delivering planned results. The bounce rates climb when visitors check the website and leave without performing any transaction. Additionally, if PPC is the primary advertising method, sales will suffer.

Why would someone want to generate fake leads and squander money from advertisers? Your competitor can do so, and even Clickcease fails sometimes. Then what’s the solution and ClickCease alternative?

The answer is you generate a counterattack or lead against them through Google AdWords Bot.

Fraud is a deliberate attack on one or more advertisements or advertisers. The most typical con artists are as follows.

Business Competitors

Keep in mind that there is a perpetual bidding battle. Competing companies bid to rank #1 because they want to dominate their keywords.

Sadly, some companies take advantage of the system by using PPC fraud to slash the budgets of their rivals. With a reduced budget, the bidding goes down, and they may better position their advertisement for a lower cost.

You can counterattack competitors and save thousands of dollars in reply to this move.

Google AdWords Bot Benefits

Google AdWords Bot Benefits

Exclusions Dashboard

The Exclusions Dashboard, which Google AdWords Bot is the only service on the market to offer, allows you to view and manage all new keywords and websites, IP range, and ad placement exclusions across all campaigns.

Real-time data is available, and both manual and automated exclusions are displayed, along with details on one or more factors that led to an entity’s exclusion from the campaign in concern.

Campaign Rules

Google AdWords Bot is the only solution that enables users to build highly complex multi-layer campaign-level rules to safeguard each campaign. It uses its particular campaign objects, such as websites, Keywords, Device Type, threat level, Geo-location information, post-click behavior analysis, and more.

Keyword Rules

Keywords are an essential aspect of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Google AdWords Bot is the first and only solution that allows you to define rules within your Google Ads account based on particular keywords.

Like Google Ads, all relational account data is tracked, examined, labeled, and processed in real-time for keywords. Without keyword-level rules, Clickcease treats all of the keywords in a campaign equally, making any protection utterly ineffective.

Versatile and Flexible Rules

Regarding managing campaign protection and optimization, Google AdWords Bot is unbeatable. The system can identify and deal with IPs, IP ranges, ad placements, and unique devices exhibiting diverse repeating click patterns since it provides a variety of rule types with adjustable circumstances.

Since it can be an excellent Clickcease alternative, you may completely configure Google AdWords Bot to add value in real-time to any company domain and competitive landscape.

FAQS: What is Clickcease Alternative?

You are choosing a trial or monthly subscription level. Payment is then taken automatically on your billing date each month until canceled. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoins.

Final Words

If you know someone who has been targeting your advertisements, you should repay the favor by getting this tool as its clickcease alternative. To assist you in using this software on your personal computer, we offer 24/7 support.

We have been working for more than ten years, and the five-star ratings we have received from customers speak volumes about our tenacity, professionalism, and dedication.

I am sure this article was insightful for you. Visit our website ScrapeWithBots for more details or if you need any custom bots made. We love to try new things and make Bots that work for you.

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