Google Adwords Bot

This bot clicks on your competitors google ads.



Google Ads Click Bot

The google adwords click bot clicks on your competitor’s google ads. If you know someone has been attacking your ads, you should return the favor by purchasing this tool. We give 24/7 support to help you run this software on your own computer.

How to use the software?

Our google ads click bot goes onto google, searches the given keyword, and then it clicks on the ads displayed on google. It has an option to enter the number of times you want it to click. Every time before it is going to send a click, it makes sure that it has changed the IP address and other such parameters to maintain the anonymity. Please remember you can use a VPN, it’s optional but recommended. If during this process, the google ads click bot encounters the reCaptcha, it can solve it using 2captcha API.

Main Features of the Google Ads Click Bot:

  • International Google sites supported.
  • Multiple keywords support.
  • Emulates real human clicks.
  • Able to click multiple domains ads (picks randomly each round).
  • Clicks any domain (ads target link).
  • Searches the ads on up to 10 search result pages.
  • Random wait time interval between clicks.
  • Set amount of clicks to do.
  • Supports socks4/5, public http proxies and private http proxies in IP:PORT format.
  • Build-in random useragents.
  • View and edit list of useragents used by the bot.
  • Build-in proxy checker.
  • Clears cookies, cache, history each round.
  • Random proxy selection option.
  • Works on Windows 7/8/10
  • Auto save last configuration.
  • Auto load last configuration on start.
  • Ability to schedule and auto run the bot using windows task scheduler.
  • Auto check proxy before each run.
  • Auto block dead proxies during the run.
  • Display current proxy in use.
  • Skip domain option for precise clicking
  • Detailed activity log saved during the run
  • Auto solve Google captcha using
  • Auto request refund if captcha was not solved
  • Auto clicks “switch to English”

Windows Remote Machine (VPS/RDP):

You can get a ready made windows server (with everything installed and configured) to run your bot for additional 17$/month.

Hide my ass (HMA VPN):

If you want to use our VPN in our windows server, you can get it for extra 10$/month

2Captcha api (to solve google reCaptcha):

If you want to use our 2captcha api, you will need to pay extra 3$/month.

So if you don’t wanna get in trouble of installation, buying a VPN, 2captcha api, you can get the complete ready made server with everything installed and configured for 127$/month. (email us to get this custom deal:

Latest Developments:


  • Please note that we do not guarantee that the bot clicks will be counted by Google as it is mainly depend on the quality of your proxies and target website settings and limitations.
  • Google ads click bot software requires constant updates and remote installation so we have decided to keep it on monthly basis. So it will cost you 97$/month. You will get 24/7 support if something doesn’t work at your side.
  • We want you to connect with us on skype/WhatsApp chat so we can assign you support agents who will assist you 24/7 with your all click campaigns. They can also help you install software’s via TeamViewer. If you need something changed in the google ads bot software, just let our agents know so they can help you asap without any extra development cost involved.
  • Here is our WhatsApp: +447563294940
  • Skype: scrapewithbots
  • We just launched this product and running on 50% off for our old clients, feel free to purchase it now to avail of the discount.

Software Last Updated:
1st Sept , 2023

Detailed Guide To Use The Software:

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