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of our Bots:

  • Full automation of a website visitor’s actions (including automatic browsing, signing up New accounts, login using different user accounts, filling and submitting forms, clicking, Etc.) as we are one of the best robot automation companies.
  • Regular expressions to retrieve the needed data from web pages.
  • Sophisticated algorithms and methods to filter and search the interested information.
  • Multi-threading and proxies support
  • Storing output data in a preferable format: database, CSV file, Excel, txt, or any you need.
  • Sending email notifications in predetermined cases.
  • HTTP or socks proxy support to crawl websites anonymously.
  • Web browser interface so that you have a possibility to see the work session and intervene In it manually if need be. We offer other web scrapping services too.
  • A graphic user interface to manage and monitor the Bots. Web graphic user interface to manage and monitor the Bots due to our excellent bot developers.
  • Captcha solving through sites such as DeCaptcher De-captcher.com and others as needed.
  • Reverse Engineering: There were scenarios when my clients wanted me to use the Android/IOS app’s API to reverse engineering android apps and IOS apps. So I had to reverse engineer the HTTP requests that the API was making. There were times when we decrypted the encryption behind the HTTPS requests. I also have experience in

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Ads Click Bot

Google Adwords Bot clicks on your competitor’s google ads. If you know someone has been attacking your ad’s, you should return the favour by purchasing this tool. We give 24/7 support to help you run this software on your own computer.

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Expert Technicians

We have got the best support agents and engineers on board who help us maintain our brand’s reputation.

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Professional Service

We take care of your projects in a very professional manner. We always try our best to deliver your projects on time.

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Great Support

Got a problem with our product? No worries, our great tech support is always ready to solve issues 24/7.

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Technical Skills

We have got engineers and bot developers able to solve problems, whether it’s related to automation or Android/IOS apps reverse engineering.

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Highly Recommended

We have been recommended by companies like (carswap.com, costbuys.com, upwork, Fiverr) as the best web scrapping company.

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Positive Reviews

We have been working for over a decade now, and our customer’s five-star reviews say a lot about our hard work, professionalism, and dedication.

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Robotic Aspects

Automation replaces human work in repetitive, tedious tasks, and minimizes the number of errors. With the right automation tools it is possible to automate browser tasks, web testing, and online data extraction, to fill forms, scrape data, transfer data between applications, and generate reports.

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that we automated

We have automated many websites in the past and are well known for robotic process automation customer service providers. We have helped our clients scrape data from many websites like Instagram. We automated many tasks to take the burden off of our clients. These are just a few things possible with web automation. If you have got an idea of yours that you want us to check if it’s feasible or not, feel free to message us and we can discuss it.

  • Amazon/ebay/Walmart
  • Trulia/Zillow/Realtor/Redfin
  • Yelp/Indeed/Monster/OLX/Adversdata
  • Facebook/Gmail/Youtube/Google/Instagram
  • Google adwords/ Google maps / Keyword Planner
  • Bumble/Parler/Tumblr

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Basic Plan

  • Battery
  • Non Commercial
  • Standard Robo Machine
  • Only For Domestic Use

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Standard Plan

  • Battery
  • Non Commercial
  • Standard Robo Machine
  • One Year Maintenance Free

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Premium Plan

  • Battery
  • For Commercial Use
  • Customise Robo Machine
  • Flying Or Non Flying Machine

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Our Customer Says

I have ordered a few products from Scrapewithbots and they delivered them on time in great quality. This guy is really a master with automation and one of the best in the business. He was always quick to respond with any questions and was always ready to follow up with suggestions and improvements on my automation software and gave me great customer service throughout. If you need an automation software guy, this is your man.

Sandra Wills

Sandra Wills

| Customer

Sam knows the Business and Web Automation in and out. He is a true professional, one the highest level of performance and service. He has always been able to provide service and solutions for my business needs.

Alex Watson

Alex Watson

| Customer

Excellent automation software. They are working around the clock. Whenever I ask the doubt they are working for me. 10 out of 10 for their Useful help.

Mark Colin

Mark Colin

| Customer

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