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Google Adwords Bot

This bot clicks on your competitors google ads.

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Google Adwords Bot clicks on your competitor’s google ads. If you know someone has been attacking your ad’s, you should return the favour by purchasing this tool. We give 24/7 support to help you run this software on your own computer.

How to use the software?

This bot goes onto google, searches the given keyword and then it clicks on the ads displayed on google. It has an option to enter the number of times you want it to click. Every time before it is going to send a click, it makes sure that it has changed the IP address and other such parameters to maintain the anonymity. Please remember you can use a VPN, it’s optional but recommended. If during this process, the bot encounters the reCaptcha, it can solve it using 2captcha API.

Some features of the Google Adwords Bot:

  1. click’s on a certain ad.
  2. click’s every ad on a page except an ad on which you don’t want to click.
  3. VPN (Hide my ass) and Proxies (preferably Residentials).
  4. Random user agents.
  5. Random Screen sizes.
  6. Unique browser fingerprint on every request.
  7. Recaptcha API (2captcha integrated).
  8. many more…

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