How Ad Click Bot Works? – Complete Guide

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How Ad Click Bot Works

How Ad Click Bot Works? – Complete Guide

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How Ad Click Bot Works?

How much do you spend each month on advertisements? Some businesses spend millions of dollars per month to get the right advertisements in front of the right people. Sadly, a portion of that is unintentionally wasted money due to ad click bots.

Since the beginning, ad-clicking bots have been a serious concern of PPC advertisers, sometimes good and sometimes bad for them. These annoying automated discomforts drain firms’ budgets and have advanced considerably in recent years. Advertisers today lose more than $35 billion a year to click spam (and that number is rising!).

Here on this blog, how ad click bot works, we’ve also analyzed some of the most prominent click-bot. We’ll discuss a very efficient Google Adwords Bot, along with its main functions and characteristics.

How Ad Click Bot Works?

Online bots are computer programs created to carry out a specific action or set of actions. Online operations like checking websites for faults, collecting data (such as keyword research or traffic statistics), or automating processes can all be done with the help of bots.

Ad click bots work by searching specific keywords, finding ads and then clicking on them to waste the ad budget. It is a spammy technique used by many people to attack on competitors’ PPC ad campaigns.

Google Click Bots

Click Bots Online

Straightforward jobs like clicking buttons, leaving spam comments, visiting websites, or clicking on your competitor’s google ads can be carried out by click bots (Google Adwords Bot and bot traffic).

However, programmers are progressively making more complex bots that can perform more challenging tasks and even imitate online user behavior.

Good Click Bots

Most people think that click bots are bad or fraudulent. Still, good click bots allow you to automate and accelerate several repetitive operations, making them a beneficial tool for marketers and organizations.

For example:

  • What options remain if you cannot secure your website and campaigns? Here is the answer. If you continue receiving spam and fraud clicks despite using other tools, you should repay the favor by using Google AdWords Bot to combat the attackers.
  • To shield consumers from spam or malware, good click bots can click every link in an email before it is sent to them.
  • Good click bots can keep an eye on websites by visiting each published link to ensure it works.

AdSense Auto Click Bot

With the help of the Google AdSense programmer, website owners can monetize their sites by running advertisements. The foundation of this program is the concept that individuals will click on ads if they are interested in the good or service being promoted.

For marketers, invalid traffic is a significant issue. This traffic is significantly influenced by click spam or fraud, which happens when competitors, bots, or malicious software make fraudulent or invalid clicks.

Important: Ad click bots are automated bots that fraudulently click ads, costing advertisers billions of dollars each year.

To avoid all these situations, we have a solution which we are describing today in this article how ad click bot works.

Google AdWords Bot

We offer two products regarding Google AdWords Bot:

We’ll describe them in detail and how you can use them to protect your campaigns.

§  Google AdWords Desktop Bot

This product comes in two variants:

  1. The software itself (you have to it on your PC)
  2. Software + VPS + VPN + 2captcha API (plug the data and proxy access and run it). It can run 24/7 over the server (Remote Desktop Connection)

For the price, please visit ScrapeWithBots products.

Main Components

This Google AdWords Desktop Bot has three main components which are:

  • Logs Module
  • Dashboard
  • Browser (Google Chrome)

Logs Module

Look at the picture. The first window is Logs Module which shows each activity performed on the dashboard and browser. For example, keywords, errors, rounds, and information about the site.


The second window is a dashboard which is the main component of the bot. The UI of the dashboard above six boxes, namely:

  • Bot Running Time
  • Proxy
  • Round No
  • Keyword
  • User Agent
  • Screen Resolution

click bots online

In Dashboard settings, we set rounds, minimum time, maximum time, and browser settings like proxy keywords sequence and search engine. Keywords removed or added, website and browser fingerprints are also in settings. The dashboard consists of 11 columns that perform different roles you can monitor.

Browser (Google Chrome)

The third window is a browser search engine where your task is performed, and the other two components monitor the browser activity.

§  How Ad Click Bot Works? – Google AdWords Desktop Bot

Google AdWords desktop bot accesses Google, searches for the specified term, and then clicks on the google advertisements. There is a field where you may specify how many times you want it to click.

Before sending a click, it ensures that the IP address and other information have been altered to maintain confidentiality. Please keep in mind that while using a VPN is optional, it is strongly advised. The bot can use the 2captcha API to resolve the reCAPTCHA if it appears during this process.

§  Main Features

  • Support for international Google sites.
  • Support for multiple keywords.
  • Resembles actual human clicks.
  • Able to click on advertisements from several domains (picks each round randomly).
  • Any domain by clicking (ads target link).
  • Scans up to 10 search result pages’ worth of advertisements.
  • The time that elapses between clicks is random.
  • Set the number of clicks to perform.
  • Supports IP: PORT-formatted socks4/5, public HTTP proxies, and private HTTP proxies.
  • Include random user agents.
  • View and modify the bot’s user agent list.
  • Internal proxy checker
  • Every round clears the cookies, cache, and history.
  • Option for selecting proxies at random.
  • Suitable with Windows 7/8/10
  • Auto-save the most recent configuration
  • Auto-load the most current configuration at startup.
  • Possibility of using Windows Task Scheduler to schedule and automatically run the bot.
  • During the run, a thorough activity record was saved.
  • Automatic refund request if the captcha is not completed
  • Automatically selects “switch to English.”
  • During the run, automatically block defunct proxies.

NOTE: To assign support agents to help you with your click campaigns around the clock, we need you to connect with us on Skype or WhatsApp. They can assist you with TeamViewer software installation as well.

Inform one of our representatives if you require a change to the software, and they will assist you without charging you any additional development fees.

Please note that we do not guarantee that the bot clicks will be counted by Google as it mainly depends on the quality of your proxies and target website settings and limitations.

FAQS: How Ad Click Bot Works?

Click bots are programmed to commit a click on assigned keywords. The most straightforward click-bots access a website and task to click the specified links.

Final Words

This blog on ad click bots is valuable to all the content marketing companies who are losing money to click frauds. It assists businesses in optimizing their marketing strategy and content.

Google Adwords Bot clicks on the Google advertising of your rivals. If you know someone targeting your advertisements, you should repay the favor by getting this tool. To assist you in using this software on your personal computer, we offer 24/7 support. Visit more amazing guides at ScrapeWithBots, and enjoy.

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