Google Organic Traffic Bot

This bot increases your organic reach on google.




Google Organic Traffic Bot helps you in ranking your website better on google search engine. There are similar software available in the market which is obsolete now.

How to use the software?

  1. Enter all your keywords (for which your website ranks on google) in a text file.
  2. Import the text file in the software.
  3. Add your website URL to the software.
  4. The software will search all your keywords on google.
  5. If your website is on google indexing, the software will click on your website link.
  6. Our Google organic traffic bot can click on the internal links of your website. It can also do the scrolling along with random delays. We have made the software to do these random actions because google is always on the look for such things.

Some features of the Google organic traffic bot:

  1. VPN (Hide my ass) and Proxies (preferably Residentials).
  2. Random user agents.
  3. Random Screen sizes.
  4. Unique browser fingerprint on every request
  5. Recaptcha API (2captcha integrated).
  6. many more…

We improved about 30 positions in 1 day. So what exactly are you waiting for?
Our google organic traffic bot is on a sale, grab it now.


Our organic traffic bot software requires constant updates and remote installation so we have decided to keep it on monthly basis. So it will cost you 97$/month. You will get 24/7 support if something doesn’t work at your side.

Software Last Updated:
1st Sept , 2023

Detailed Guide To Use The Software:

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